What about some music for free?

We're all alone, we're all together. We're all united by this light...
A$$hole turn the volume up!
Prepare for the new Mash Up by D-Ceptor & Quitara with a special summer vibe!

[DQXFREE001] D-Ceptor & Quitara - King Of Menace (Mash Up)
01 D-Ceptor & Quitara - King Of Menace (Mash Up)

Release date: 16 June 2017


What is about to hit... will be one... for the history books!

The 7th release on DEQUINOX is presented by D-Ceptor. This new single strikes like a tornado at 179 bpm with heavy kicks, distorted synths and a mind bending melody!

[DQX007] D-Ceptor - Tornado
01 D-Ceptor - Tornado

Release date: 24 May 2017


It's getting dark over DQX...

If you are fan of industrial kickdrums, smashing snares and crossbreed loops this is the right release for you!

Germany's most talented Industrial/Crossbreed producer KM-System hits hard with his first EP. Enjoy 3 tracks from dark and evil atmosphere over to hard hitting kicks and funky rhythms.

[DQX006] KM-System - Devil's Reaper EP
01 KM-System - Devil's Reaper
02 KM-System - F'ck This Place
03 KM-System - Brutal Funk

Release date: 26 April 2017


Tyfon brings highgrade hardcore from Austria

This EP is a real banger!
"Breaking The Law" combines heavy kicks, screaming screeches and a floorfiller melody in 1 arrangement.

"The Real Shit" is for the fans of fast beats! This track is uptempo with quality and style. There is just one word needed to describe it: Obsession.

[DQX005] Tyfon - Breaking The Law EP
01 Tyfon - Breaking The Law
02 Tyfon - The Real Shit

Release date: 29 March 2017


We are proud to present a new member of the DQX family: TYFON

Say hello to a brand new artist at DEQUINOX! We welcome this talented boy from Austria with high production skills to our squad.

We are sure you will hear and read the name TYFON more often in the future. His first release will be published end of this month... and it will be smashing!

From this day on TYFON is part of DEQUINOX Bookings for all international performances. Go and see his agenda and biography in our "ARTISTS" section on this page.


Evolution is about to present the "hardest" release on DQX so far

Get ready for hard basslines, devestating screeches and melodic riffs with surpise effect. You think this is a joke? You are messing with a maniac!

[DQX004] Evolution - Maniac
01 Evolution - Maniac

Release date: 26 February 2017