D-Ceptor - Welcome To Dequinox
(Tyfon Remix) [Video clip]


The golden 10

We proudly present the 10th release on our young label! For this special release we decided to announce a remix contest of track #1 ever published on DQX: D-Ceptor - Welcome To Dequinox

So beside the official remix by our man Tyfon you find 3 more remixes by the contest winners and very talented young producers. Enjoy DQX010!

[DQX010] D-Ceptor - Welcome To Dequinox Remix EP
01 D-Ceptor - Welcome To Dequinox (Tyfon Remix)
02 D-Ceptor - Welcome To Dequinox (OCC Remix)
03 D-Ceptor - Welcome To Dequinox (Subsurface Remix)
04 D-Ceptor - Welcome To Dequinox (Lab-E & D-Fighter Remix)

Release date: 22 September 2017


Be prepared for this Austrian-Italian Co-Production

Time for new music!

We are looking forward to the upcoming mega collab of two great artists. Warriors of the world! Pick up your weapons for hardcore from another galaxy!

[DQX009] Tyfon vs. The Fuze - Warriors
01 Tyfon vs. The Fuze - Warriors

Release date: 25 August 2017


New guest release by an very experienced artist

We are very happy to announce that no one other than Mr. Sinister is about to drop the next release on our label!

Since many years his name is well known for high quality hardcore with a special dark touch. With "Underground Basics" Mr. Sinister brings hardcore back to its purest form: Atmospheric, hard and evil!

[DQX008] Mr. Sinister - Underground Basics
01 Mr. Sinister - Underground Basics

Release date: 19 July 2017


What about some music for free?

We're all alone, we're all together. We're all united by this light...
A$$hole turn the volume up!
Prepare for the new Mash Up by D-Ceptor & Quitara with a special summer vibe!

[DQXFREE001] D-Ceptor & Quitara - King Of Menace (Mash Up)
01 D-Ceptor & Quitara - King Of Menace (Mash Up)

Release date: 16 June 2017


What is about to hit... will be one... for the history books!

The 7th release on DEQUINOX is presented by D-Ceptor. This new single strikes like a tornado at 179 bpm with heavy kicks, distorted synths and a mind bending melody!

[DQX007] D-Ceptor - Tornado
01 D-Ceptor - Tornado

Release date: 24 May 2017